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9 Simple Christmas Photography Tips

Christmas is an amazing time of year! So much color, so much fun and so many treasured moments! Here are a few Christmas Photography Tips that will help you take memorable photos this holiday season with your digital camera.

Tip #1 - Make sure you have plenty of supplies

If you forget to have plenty of batteries and memory cards available, you may miss that precious shot of the delight on your loved one's face when they open that special present.

Tip #2 - Get up close and personal

Fill your viewfinder or viewing screen with the subject to capture their expressions. You can capture amazing photos when you time your shots and snap that photo when they aren't looking at the camera. Don't forget to take those 'traditional' group shots of your family and friends.

Tip #3 - Use different angles

Have some fun and get interesting shots by getting on a chair and shooting down. Kneeling or laying down on your stomach can make your shots more dynamic and personal. Getting eye level with your subjects will also produce great shots.

Tip #4 - Using the camera flash

Most digital cameras have a zoom feature. Use this to your advantage when you are using the camera's flash. Get as far from your subject as possible, then zoom in and take your shot. The extra distance you put between you and your subject will soften the sometimes harsh white flash. You can also diffuse the light by taping a tissue or some other opaque material to the pop-up flash. How about getting creative and attach a colored piece of transparent plastic over the flash. You may end up taking a shot of your very own Blue Christmas!

Tip #5 - Photograph the Christmas frills

Don't forget to take photos of lights, decorations and the tree. A close-up shot of that treasured ornament will preserve that memory for you for a life-time. You will be amazed how shooting different aspects of Christmas will enhance your photo album for years to come.

Tip #6 - Fixing red-eye

When using the flash we sometimes get these bright red reflections in our subject's eyes. With most cameras there is a red eye removal feature. Make yourself familiar with using it by reading your owners' manual. There are also many other free photo editing software programs available to help you adjust your photos and remove red-eye.

Tip #7  - Take Outside shots

You can get some great shots outside at Christmas, but you might tend to think you don't need your flash. Oftentimes, the faces of the people in the photo are dark while the background lighting is bright. Turning your flash on and using it will help to light up their faces.

Tip #8 - Take lots of shots

With the digital cameras and memory cards we have available now, it is a very worthwhile practice to take a ton of shots. You don't have to waste your money or get disappointed because half of the shots you took with your film camera were not good. Simply delete the bad, print the good!

Tip #9 - Have fun

There is so much to see and do at Christmas; so many ways to capture the warmth, fun and excitement. It's a wonderful time to experiment with your camera so go out there and capture the moments! You have the opportunity to make a treasured memory with one click of your shutter.

Use these simple tips this holiday season to help  capture those precious memories that will last a life time.