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A Brief History Of The Iconic Converse Trainers

Around the world Converse trainers are synonymous with style, quality and comfort, achieving an almost iconic status with fashion conscious consumers who want a stylish pair of everyday trainers.

The company was formed in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse and was originally know as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Even the founder couldn't have predicted just how popular and successful his shoe brand would become. Since those early days, Converse has built a strong reputation for offering footwear which is combines comfort and fashion at an affordable price.

The brand really sparked into life when several well known basketball players endorsed the brand, leading to a total revamp of the Converse design - basketball and Converse are now completely synonymous

The basketball player that really got things started for Converse was Chuck Taylor. Although the brand was ticking along nicely, in 1917 Chuck Taylor and Converse joined forces to try and combat the problem that a lot of basketball players suffered in those times - painful feet. The result of their joint effort was the Converse All Star basketball shoe, the All Star range is almost as big as the Converse brand itself, and after initial early success the All Star range has gone from strength to strength, continuing to be the most popular sports trainer in the whole world.

Over the decades several brands have attempted to steal the sports shoe crown from Converse but thanks to their ongoing dedication to style and comfort the brand has remained at the top of it's game.

Rather than resting on their laurels Converse has continually kept their range fresh, with the introduction of stylish enhancements to their core range such as double-tongues, slimline ox designs and the latest innovation Converse Shearling.

Although the brand was bought in the 1980's by Nike, the company continues to make and produce it's own unique designs and has seen the Converse All Star range take on added impetus in recent years, with several non-sports celebrities endorsing the brand as the most popular choice of everyday footwear.

With a range of shoes to fit men, women and children of all ages Converse continues to be a huge favourite amongst fashion conscious consumers. The new range of styles and eye catching colour palettes ensures that the Converse All Star brand will be around for many years to come,