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Hip Hip Hooray - The Nike Musique Cheer Sneaker

If you are into cheerleading and looking for the right cheer shoe, then you need to consider the Nike Musique Cheer. This sneaker is brand new from Nike and it is already proving itself to be an immense hit. The shoe is designed for those girls who are into the cheerleading activity. The Musique Cheer is designed to be extremely comfortable and lightweight and it is also very stylish. The sneaker itself has a low profile and is sleek, definitely designed for cheerleaders all over.

Nike Musique Cheer Features

Leather, synthetic leather and mesh upper

The shoe is durable, strong and lightweight

A double lasted Phylon midsole that is able to provide excellent cushioning

Flex grooves can be found inside the shoe and this gives the midsole the ability to mobile and flexible

The rubber outsole is non-marking

Traction and durability is courtesy of the pivot-point that is found in the forefoot of the shoe

Comes in white

Review of the Nike Musique Cheer Shoe

Most girls when asked all have one thing to say about the Nike Musique Cheerleading shoe, which is that it is very comfortable and perfect for their sport. The shoe is able to provide the support and performance that they need and it is also extremely stylish. The shoe is making the rounds and many are proclaiming it to be one of the better cheer shoes available. One thing Nike knows how to do is make great athletic shoes, the Musique Cheer is no different. It is flexible, lightweight, comfortable and supportive, all the features that cheerleaders need with their hectic activity.

Pros - The shoe is very sturdy and comfortable. It also looks trendy and fits well.

Cons - There have been some complaints by people who claim that the shoe can be destroyed easily. This is seen after vigorous activity. These incidents are few and far between and most people claim that the shoe is very durable.

To wrap things up, the Nike Musique Cheer is a great shoe. It is built specifically for cheerleading and it works so well. It is lightweight and comfortable and it is definitely what girls will need as they perform their cartwheels, twists and jumps.