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Oneal Clutch Boots - My Personal Review

So a friend decided that he was going through boots at an extremely rapid rate, so decided to buy a couple of sets for practicing, and then keeps his Alpinestars Tech 10's just for race days. It worked out pretty well, he managed to pick up some Alpinestars Tech 10's cheap and picked up two sets of Oneal Clutch Boots for just over $300. Obviously the Alpinestars will be the ones used on race day; where as the Oneal Clutch Boots will be used for practicing in the week.

I had a 15 minute session with the new boots, and was surprised how comfy and supportive they were. They use a top quality leather construction, which combined with an extremely technologically advanced buckle system, makes an extremely comfy boot and a precise fit.

Like many boots these days, injection molding is used which an extremely strong and durable material to be used. This means that the ankle, calf and shin area are all covered by high quality protective materials, reducing the risk of an injury.

The interior is where gets is better. A lot of budget boots are extremely uncomfortable to wear, but these are different. The interior uses bio foam padding which is used in more expensive boots, and it incorporates an exterior leather heat shield, which stops your legs or the boot itself burning on the exhaust.Overall the boots are extremely good value for money. They retail for a little over $150, but I'd go as far as saying that the Oneal Clutch Boots feel like a $200+ boot when riding in them.