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Practical Tips When Looking For the Right Pair of Shoes

The challenge in today's women shoe industry is to design a product that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. More often than not, women's shoes are designed to be one or the other. While getting high marks for their innovation and design, some of these shoes are extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. And yet, women bite the bullet and purchase such trendy shoes knowing that it may permanently deform their feet or create unwanted corns in their soles or digits. On the other hand, shoes that are designed to be comfortable are often scorned by critics as being too boring or bland. Yet for all its practicality, these shoes are the working woman's choice of everyday wear. The balance of finding a shoe company that produces shoes that are comfortable and yet designed to please the eye is the key. One such company is born shoes. Born's women shoes are made from high quality leather and designed to have that classic look, while being comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. Their designs for everyday shoes are functional that they do protect the feet from the grind and pounding of walking, while remaining to be not aesthetically challenged.

Here are some tips that may be of use to you when looking for the right pair of shoes:

- Leather shoes are more breathable than other types of shoes. Although faux leather may be the rage these days, leather based shoes enable the feet to breathe in such a way that your feet remain somewhat oscillated and not stifled. Especially for everyday office and work shoes, leather shoes are still the best option

- High Heels actually help the posture of women. Having an inch or two heeled shoe helps women's postures. Research shows that moderate use of such shoes actually help women in their balance and posture.

- Have a pair of flats in reserve at your office. If you spend a lot of time crunching numbers in the office or are sedentary, better to have a pair of comfortable flats that you can slip on while you are seated. You can easily change pairs when you have to go and meet clients or your boss.

- Opened toe shoes are great summer wears but may be problematic during the fall and winter season. Best to leave them in the closet during these times. Use your boots and closed toe shoes during the cooler months. Having rubber soled shoes during these months is also advisable as they have more traction than leather soles.