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Top 4 Tips to Choosing a Spring Jacket

Spring has started to raise its welcoming head and with it comes the transformation of clothes we acquire in order to adjust to the elements. Gone is the biting cold of winter as we welcome in the sunny chill of Spring. Choosing what casual jacket to wear can be very daunting especially with the vast range of casual jackets currently available. Here is a guide to set you onto the right path.


Gone are the greys and blacks that have drowned us for the past 4 months to be replaced by vibrant reds, yellows and blues. Neutral tones are set to be big with your beiges and creams. Spring is the time that wildlife comes to life and flourishes. This can also be the time to pick out a bright, vibrant colour to make you bloom and flourish.


Once you have selected the colour then you can move onto choosing what patterns you would like on your casual jacket. Spring really is the time to open yourself up to the world so a pattern that is rather loud would not be inappropriate. There are various checked and striped jackets to choose from but be careful as attaining clothes that go with checked jackets can be rather difficult. Or if your extrovert enough; why not go for a floral pattern. Where would spring be without a touch of floral?


Once the colour and patterns of the casual jacket have been chosen, it is now time to choose what style of jacket you would like. Reiss have an extensive range of casual jackets that differ in length, design, number of pockets etc. One can purchase lengthy trench coats as well as casual jackets that sit at the waist. Reiss supply jackets that suit the needs for all customers. One can choose jackets made from linen, cotton and denim. As much as wool is coming back into fashion -wool is perhaps too heavy for spring.


By this stage you should have chosen the jacket that is most ideally suited to you. Now it is time to get fitted for the correct size. However, be wary as the fit of the jacket can also come under the style. Some casual jackets are designed as slim fit - making the jacket cling close to the body. It all depends on your preference. It looks as though slim fit jackets will be the in thing this spring according to fashion experts. Now you can pick your size and purchase any other item of clothing that may go with the jacket.